Ramadan 2008 - the detox program

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Ramadan Mubarak.

Most Muslims in Australia have started their fasting today. I've been thinking about what to say to my co-workers and friends when I decline to have a coffee or lunch with them. I've decided to explain that I am on a month-long detox program. For those that want to know more I'll explain that it evolves moral and ethical practices as well as a physical regime with the aim to improve the community as well as myself.

For those that really want to know more, I'll explain that the essence of the detox program is to increase my dependance on the Creator and Sustainer of all by striping away my illusions of self-reliance and self-importance. I'll also explain that the practice is followed by almost a Billion people in the world today how seek to submit themselves to the Creator of all.

Rafiq Clarkson

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