Muslim Music Festival 2007

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Celebrating the rhythm and harmony of Muslim music, this year's Melbourne Muslim Music Festival offers a unique chance to experience the diversity, the beauty, and the joy of Muslim cultures through music. Featuring some of the finest artists both local and national, the festival journeys from traditional to contemporary, from political to personal, and from country to country to share and discover.

Music is one of the very few gifts of joy that can be shared across divides. Supported by the Islamic Centre for Education and Development in partnership with Darebin Music Feast, the festival aims to create a space where a different side of Islam can be seen. Music Director, Rasheeda Cooper says, "This event gives talented young Muslim musicians an opportunity to contribute something positive to the local community and to demonstrate the many beautiful and creative aspects of Muslim cultures that are often ignored in media coverage of current world events. We hope that this festival gives the audience a new perspective to balance the negative stereotypes we are so used to being presented with."

A one of its kind in Australia, it began last year with sold out audiences, and glowing reviews. Expanding the number of artists and concerts this year,
it plans to be a true feast for all. For concert details, please go to

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