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Lombok Kids is a not-for-profit initiative run and supported entirely by volunteers and the generosity of individuals. We're committed to helping underprivileged women and children in Indonesia by working with the grassroots organisation, Koperasi Annisa, to support their existing programs in the villages of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

West Nusa Tenggara is one of the poorest provinces in Indonesia. In 2011 almost 20% of the population were living on less than 80c a day. We’ve chosen to focus our work in Lombok as a number of us have personal experience working with Koperasi Annisa - a highly successful, though often under-resourced, local women’s cooperative on the island. Rather than bringing in our own ideas of what we think needs to be done, we’re committed to supporting and extending the amazing work they’re already doing on the ground. Each year they let us know where our donations are needed most.


A special thank you from Ibu Kasmiati, the founder of Koperasi Annisa in Lombok


Starting with a simple email, the Lombok Kids journey began in 2009. Over the past five years we've worked with Annisa to bring 360 health and education packs to disadvantaged children in some of Lombok’s poorest villages (2009), support the primary education of the children of Gegerung village (2010), assisted in economic empowerment initiatives for local women (2011-2012), hosted an iftar meal for orphans (2013) and brought over bags of donated children's clothing (2013). Since 2011, an ongoing part of our contribution has been to support Annisa's core funding so that the Annisa team can have more autonomy and control over deciding which small-scale projects they want to support, independently of the grants they receive.

In the past we've also worked with local volunteers from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to bring an art workshop, books and other educational material to refugee children living in Lombok (2009). Thankfully, all of the refugee children and their families have now found new homes in other countries.


Children at Gegerung Selatan village, Lombok 


We couldn't continue our work without the generous volunteer work and donations of individuals in Australia and Indonesia and the amazing ongoing support of grassroots organisations such as Koperasi Annisa in Lombok and the Islamic Centre for Education and Development (ICED) in Melbourne. In Australia, Bali Bliss Yoga Retreats have also committed to contributing 4% of their fees each year to Lombok Kids and Garuda Indonesia continue to generously provide free additional luggage space for Lombok Kids donations. Thank you to you all!!

For links to more Lombok Kids stories and details of our current projects see below or send Brynna an email at: lombok.kids@iced.org.au to receive occasional updates.



Thank you & Terima kasih! 

Most recent projects

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the Lombok Kids community in 2013 we were able to raise $5,843.65 and collect over 70kg of children's clothing. A special thanks to the students at St Margaret's School who collected most of the clothes, and to local community groups in Melbourne, including Indonesian gamelan ensemble, Gamelan DanAnda and a local mosque community who both helped with fundraising efforts.

Keep an eye out here for details of our 2014 fundraising drive or email Brynna at: lombok.kids@iced.org.au to be added to the mailing list for more details.


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