Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster

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Following the disastrous earthquake and tidal waves across the Indian Ocean, there is an urgent need for safe water, sanitation systems, and food relief for the survivors. Please consider donating to this cause.

"Worship nothing but God;
be good to your parents and relatives,
and to the orphan and the poor.
Speak nicely to people,
be constant in prayer,
and give charity."

From the Australian Red Cross (

  • "Massive tidal waves have caused devastation in countries around the Bay of Bengal. Countries affected include Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and the Maldives."
  • "...tens of thousands of people in the area are dead, missing or separated from their relatives."

From Oxfam Australia (

  • India "In places the wave travelled 1.5 kilometers inland and destroyed everything within 500 meters of the sea."
  • Indonesia "Some of the towns in Western Aceh are up to 80 per cent destroyed and there are acute problems with access to clean water"
  • Sri Lanka "The government has specified that drinking water and medical supplies are major priorities."

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