Health & Education Packs

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In 2009, 360 health and education packs were delivered to underprivileged children and their families in 11 villages throughout Lombok.

What's in a health pack?

2009 health packs included… toothbrush & toothpaste, shampoo & comb, soap, detergent for clothes, children's worming medicine, liquid betadine, pack of 10 bandaids, two pairs of underwear, and a very cute 'how to' sticker courtesy of the Melbourne Dental Association.


Contents of girl's (left) and boy's (right) health packs

What's in an education pack?

2009 education packs included… six exercise books, two maths books, a drawing book, pencil case with two grey leads, a pen, ruler, eraser and sharpener.


Once the Australian contingent had headed home, Annisa sent out another 50 sets of crayons, colouring pencils and textas to volunteer teachers in Annisa schools and adult education classes.


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