8 - Dasan Agung village

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Our last stop for the visit, we arrived at Dasan Agung on a Sunday morning in 2009. Like most villages, Dasan Agung has a paud for young children to prepare them for primary school. As a more well off village the local community are able to support the paud and no longer need Annisa assistance.

Two young boys playing after packs were handed out


In Dasan Agung we handed out packs to eleven children, five of whom were orphans. The other six were described as having very ‘simple’ lives. Their parents often worked as street sweepers, building labourers or drivers of the local horse drawn cidomos.

Callan and Brynna salam-ing young students (left) and (far right) Brynna’s new assistant - helping to explain what’s in a pack :-)


Dasan Agung families

Most families in Dasan Agung are reasonably well off. Apart from working as cidomo drivers or street sweepers, fathers of the children we helped out sometimes find work breaking up stones, while their mothers often worked as house maids.

On average, their fathers earned between Rp.10-25,000 (around $1-$3) a day and their mothers could earn up to Rp.200-300,000 (around $25-$37) a month. Like most others we helped, these families would be lucky to scrape together the absolute minimum of $100 a month an average person would need to live on.


Dasan Agung is also home to the inspirational Mbak Sara. A core member of the Annisa team, Mbak Sara went above and beyond the call of duty to help us out while we were in Lombok. Her generosity covered everything from taking us to villages, running around with us for last minute shopping, taking us site seeing and cross-country motorbike riding to deliver extra packs to Gegerung and other villages once we were gone!

A huge thankyou and terima kasih to the amazing Mbak Sara from Annisa!


Another friend of Annisa’s we met briefly in Dasan Agung is involved in some amazing programs working with high school students who have dropped out of school. Many of the students involved have spent time living on the streets, but through the work of a small team they are invited to join informal schooling programs where they create (and sell) beautiful traditional Lombok-style furniture at the same time as returning to informal high school classes.

Another amazing spirit – working with teenage street kids – our host in Dasan Agung.


Annisa’s programs in Dasan Agung

Like Monjok, Annisa has worked with Dasan Agung for a number of years. Awareness of health and education are now strong in Dasan Agung and the community run and maintain their own paud school. A number of women are still members of Annisa’s cooperative and occasionally borrow money to start small projects.

Also in Dasan Agung was the young inspiration for what Mbak Sara hopes will be a future Annisa program. A young girl in the village was born without her right hand. At the moment her family, like many other parents of children with disabilities in Lombok, can only dream of one day buying her a prosthetic limb.

We’ve started off with health and education packs, but who knows what we might be able to help with in future! :-)


Clearly a favourite in the village community, this little one was born without her right hand.

How could we finish up without another thumbs up all round!


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