7 - Monjok village

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After an adventure-filled day wandering around the villages of Lombok we headed back to Koperasi Annisa’s office on an early Saturday evening in 2009 to meet with parents and children from Monjok. They had expected us back a lot earlier, so had all been sitting patiently for quite a while by the time we arrived!

Still full of energy and enthusiasm, the group of 24 children were happy to receive their packs and listen to animated discussions of who they were from and what to do with what was inside.

Everyone smiling after getting their packs


Callan and Brynna handing out packs and salam-ing with Monjok kids


Monjok families

Monjok village is not far from the Annisa office and they’ve been working together for a number of years. In general, most families are doing well and are no longer in need of Annisa’s help.

The mothers of families who still get a helping hand every now and again often run small food stalls or use old tins to make items that they sell from home. This kind of work can earn them between Rp.15,000 – Rp.20,000 a day (about $2-$2.50).

As in many other villages, most of the fathers don’t own their own land and make a small living of no more than Rp.25,000 (around $3) a day working as farm hands on other people’s land when they can.

Annisa staff introducing Brynna to Monjok families

(Annisa’s sewing machines, used for skills classes, in the background)


Annisa’s programs in Monjok

Annisa have been providing support to Monjok for a number of years. They started off with some functional literacy and skills classes a few years ago now. As a result, almost all women in the village now know how to read and write and the economic status of the village has improved greatly. As Monjok keeps improving, literacy and skills classes have finished up and are now focused on other villages who are more in need.

Thumbs up to everyone in Australia from Monjok kids and Annisa staff


Annisa’s Monjok programs now focus on lending money through their cooperative. Most women involved use their loans to open small food stalls or set up shop from home. They also have a skills-based program available to learn how to make things out of old tins like parut (to help get milk out of coconuts), cooking utensils, lamps and stoves.

A Monjok girl wraps her pack onto the family motorbike and waves goodbye before heading home with her parents and brother – all on the same bike!


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