6 - Kediri village

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Late in the afternoon on a Saturday in 2009 we drove through growing puddles and muddy roads to make our way into the village of Kediri. Weaving our way between kids playing in the rain, we waited while mats were set up on the concrete floor inside. Once all was ready we bundled inside with mums and kids from the village.

Mums and kids enjoying the get-together


In Kediri, Annisa focuses on working with a small number of families who aren’t doing as well as everyone else. We handed out packages to 24 children on the day, many of whose parents worked at the local market or as travelling sales people.


This little one was more interested in the camera than salam-ing Callan (left)

Kediri boys check out what's in their packs (right)


Kediri families

Kediri is less remote than mountain-side villages like Gegerung and Lingsar, giving parents access to different kinds of work options. Many of the mums of kids we gave packages to sell sweets at the local market while their dads are often travelling salesmen. Their dad’s often sell curtains and can earn up to Rp.100,000 (about $12.50 in 2009) each time they make a sale. That said, how often they make a sale is never certain, and how much they get out of the Rp.100,000 after expenses we’re also not sure.


Mums under umbrellas while kids and teenagers enjoy playing in the rain (left)

A woman cleaning her stove at a local stall (right)


Annisa’s programs in Kediri

Like in most villages, a number of Kediri women are part of Annisa’s financial cooperative. Together with other women in the village they borrow funds to help setup small businesses selling sweets and snacks at local markets.

Annisa also used to run functional literacy programs to teach women the basics of reading, writing and maths, as well as some skills-based classes. Sadly funding for these has run out, so the programs are not currently running, but will hopefully start up again in future.

Playing in the rain! Kediri boys out to shout goodbye and see who can chase the car the furthest!


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